About us

Hello everybody,

We are Bjorn Verbeeck and Katrien Van Gestel. We have been married for more than 10 years and have had a beautiful daughter since 2010.

We have taken over Holland Baits since 1 September 2019. We did this because we believe more than 100% in HB products. These products contain high nutritional values ​​and top quality. We have been in the carp world for over 10 years and we already have some fishing experience. Since we started fishing with HB’s bait, we have noticed a big positive difference in many waters. We were already able to catch many beautiful fish thanks to HB high quality bait.

We only made adjustments within the product range, but all in HB’s interest. Holland Baits is now based in Belgium and the stock is there too, but production is still happening in the Netherlands.

Together with a lot of people we try to expand Holland Baits and to have several customers convinced in HB. You are all welcome and we are happy to help you with all your questions and orders.

We will always do our best for all our customers.

See you soon!

Our employees

Bjorn Verbeeck

Owner and CEO

Michel Künne

Production bait

Katrien Van Gestel

Owner and CEO

Job Haes

Administrator Facebook

Wilbert Laros

Event planner and consultant

Erwin Faassen

Administrator Instagram en YouTube